Upland Game Training

Novice Dog Program

For dogs with little or no previous field experience. A four  to five week course focusing on evaluating your dog's nose, hunting desire; pointing and retrieving instincts.

Introduction to the gun is also covered. By the end of the fourth week, your dog should be hunting and pointing enthusiastically, but not yet under full control.

Two to Four additional weeks are also available devoted to basic obedience work ("heel, whoa, come, come to whistle"). Steadiness on point and range control. The end result is a manageable foot hunting dog!

Flushing Breeds: Same basics as novice dog program, with more emphasis on range control and whistle work.

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Problem Dogs

Breaking points, blinking, gun shyness, range control, etc. evaluated on an individual basis. There is a one month minimum an all training and evaluation. Instincts and trainability of dogs varies, so some individuals may develop at a quicker or slower pace than average.



Training: $250.00/week (includes birds)